Cloud DVR: Nine Months to Reality

Ericsson - Cloud DVR Webcast - Parks Associates

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 | 9 A.M. PT/11 A.M. CT/12 P.M. ET (17:00 GMT)

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In this webcast, Parks Associates and Ericsson discuss current market trends and how service providers can, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deploy large-scale cloud DVR services without complexity.

Co-hosted by Parks Associates and Ericsson

Any company planning to deploy a cloud DVR solution needs to attend this webcast. This webcast provides a roadmap to help go from cloud DVR project kickoff to production in nine months or less.

Cloud DVR solutions give operators an immediate advantage. By offering a cloud DVR, providers give their customers a device that, according to Parks Associates, more than 60% use almost every day.

However, deploying a large-scale cloud DVR solution is a huge investment and highly complex, with a multitude of integration points and decisions to be made as companies shift functionalities from CPE devices to cloud services. At the same time, the influx of virtual MVPD services like Sling TV and DIRECTV Now creates new urgency for operators to deploy rapidly or risk losing subscribers.

In this webinar, Parks Associates and Ericsson outline the rapid pace of change in video and TV entertainment services, including the increasing need to differentiate services and react quickly to new market challenges.

In today’s dynamic TV and media world, cloud DVR systems, with time-shifted TV experiences, such as catch-up, start-over, and pause live TV, are critical solutions, and rapid deployments are important to establish new and differentiated services.

Key takeaways include:

  • Device cost savings created by shifting DVR functionality from CPE devices to the cloud
  • New solutions to speed up the deployment of cloud services to 9-12 months
  • Market impact of deploying a cloud DVR, including strategies to boost subscriber engagement
  • Strategic importance of cloud DVR solutions in differentiating services and generating and maintaining market share

Glenn Hower, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Itai Tomer, Head, Cloud DVR Center for Excellence, Ericsson



Glenn Hower, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Glenn Hower - Parks Associates - Cloud DVR webcast

Glenn Hower currently studies entertainment content and delivery services. Glenn is experienced in entertainment content production and distribution systems with a particular emphasis on radio, television, and film content.

Glenn earned his BA in music with a focus on the music business and industry from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his MS and MBA from Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas.

Itai Tomer, Head, Cloud DVR Center for Excellence, Ericsson

Itai Tomer - Ericsson - Parks Associates Cloud DVR Webcast

Itai Tomer is Head of the Cloud DVR Center for Excellence at Ericsson, having previously worked as Vice President, Product at Fabrix Systems, which Ericsson acquired in 2014.

Tomer brings to his position more than 16 years’ experience in product management and new products development. Prior to joining Fabrix, Tomer held a position of Director of product management at Cellebrite, leading retail product management and business development. Before Cellebrite, Tomer was Director of Product Management at Amdocs, leading the Amdocs strategy in the Content and New Generation Services markets, and leading the Amdocs internal innovation department and cross portfolio product management. Prior to his role at Amdocs, Tomer was VP of Product Management at Olive Software, where he managed a team of product managers responsible for defining and delivering the company's next generation software. Before that, Tomer was Director Product Management for @View enterprise application. Tomer has an extensive background and expertise in markets spanning telco, information systems, publication, media, advertisement and enterprise applications. Tomer has an MBA, Master in Business Administration from Thames Valley University and holds both an MA masterss degree in Public Administration and a bachelorss degree in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.


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