Monday, September 04, 2017

Roku IPO stands a fighting chance in a market hostile to tech offerings

Roku lost $24.2 million in the first six months of 2017 and has accumulated $244 million in losses during its history. Giant rivals can spend millions on moonshots that end up as failures, and the world may never know the exact financial toll of these endeavors. Roku, as a company going public, has no such margin of error.

But here’s what Roku has going for it. CEO Anthony Wood saw a few years ago that the market for streaming-TV devices like the Apple TV was limited, so he more

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Netgear’s Orbi router family expands range of home Wi-Fi

The Orbi Wi-Fi System was built with the understanding that your internet cable and computer aren’t always located in the center of your home. To compensate for that, the Orbi places one Wi-Fi unit where the internet comes into the home and another centrally to extend fast Wi-Fi access to more of the home.

But it also creates a dedicated 5-gigahertz, 1.7-gigabit per second channel between the base Orbi and the extended one, known as a satellite, so that you can get full inte more

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why The World Swipes Right On TV

In the next decade, uptake and engagement is only expected to increase, with Parks Associates reporting that Smart TV adoption is set to increase by 31 percent each year. It seems the TV is very much here to stay. I’m excited to see the TV remain front and center in the home as it continues to diversify in its enablement of entertainment, utility, and community — bringing with it new and exciting ways to connect people.

From the article "Why The World Swipes Right On TV" by more

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Here’s how the new Apple TV platform could redefine apps, ads, and mobile

Parks Associates director of research Brett Sappington said that he expects Apple to keep its user interface free of ads, given the brand’s emphasis on elegant design.

But, he added, you shouldn’t think of the new TV platform as just a very large iPhone, despite the relation between tvOS and iOS.

“I suspect the list of top Apple TV apps will be quite different than the lists of top apps for Apple’s mobile devices,” he said.

Sappington also noted that Roku and smart T more

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Two-thirds of Netflix users share their account credentials, new study claims

This study comes a few weeks after research from Parks Associates suggested that credential-sharing will cost the video-streaming service industry $500 million in direct revenues globally in 2015.

In Parks’ The Cost of Piracy report, figures show that six percent of U.S. broadband households use an over-the-top (OTT) video service that is paid by someone NOT living in the house.

Delving deeper into the demographics reveals that the younger the OTT service user, the more more

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Apple Watch sales dive in June; 10% of households will buy a smartwatch this year

This is the second bit of bad news for the Watch in roughly a week. Slice reported at the end of June that the Fitbit was outselling the Watch after trailing behind since the Apple device became available for preorder April 10.

Meanwhile, Parks Associates released new research today saying that 9 percent of U.S. broadband households plan to buy a smartwatch in 2015. At this time last year the smartwatch was considered little more than a tech novelty by most people outside te more

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Oracle brings the real world’s data to its Marketing Cloud

Cross-device, cross-channel identification is a hot topic these days. A newly launched platform from ZenithOptimedia and NinthDecimal, for instance, relies on that capability for scoring which ads from which channels on which devices led you to walk into a store. It then adds the resulting real-world foot traffic to its user profiles.

“Tracking devices to the user-specific level and tracking users to the device-specific level and uniting these data sets is pretty huge for di more

Friday, February 20, 2015

LinkedIn’s new profile-driven ad network is a balancing act between users and marketers

But Parks Associates director research Barbara Kraus said LinkedIn users won’t be surprised by this use of their information.

“People see LinkedIn as a business resource,” she told me via email, “making B2B ads a natural fit.”

“Since people are promoting themselves [and each other],” she said, “promotions of business-related products or services seem less obtrusive.”

“If they want people to notice them [because of their LinkedIn profiles or published content],” Kraus more

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