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Saturday, September 29, 2018

The week in smart home: Amazon is making homes smarter

Parks Associates have stated 28%, of US broadband households own a smart speaker and, what's more, that's fuelling a smart home boom.

"Many smart speaker owners already have smart home devices. For example, 38% of consumers who own a smart speaker with voice assistant also have a smart thermostat," said Elizabeth Parks, senior VP, Parks Associates. "Consumers are starting to explore the potential of voice to control their smart home products. Though previous research indicat more

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

We need to talk about protecting smart home residents from abuse

Brad Russell, research director for the connected home at Parks Associates, tells The Ambient that once the NYT report came out the company had lots of internal discussions about the impact of this revelation, and how the problem might be solved.

Before you can fix the problem though, you have to identify the weak spots in how we interact with our smart homes. The first one is right up front: it's the process in which we set up our smart homes in the first place.

From th more

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

For years, Amazon ruled the smart speaker market. Now the crown is slipping

And these aren’t the only signs that Amazon’s dominance starting to shake. “We are seeing Amazon-branded devices are going down compared to the other players,” Dina Abdelrazik, a smart home research analyst at Parks Associates, told The Ambient. “But Amazon is without a doubt still dominant in the market.”

From the article "For years, Amazon ruled the smart speaker market. Now the crown is slipping" by Hugh Langley.

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