Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Front-facing speakers should be the norm

HTC, in an effort to prove to the mobile world that it was far from being forgotten, released the HTC One earlier this year. The release of this device received a widely popular reaction, mostly due to its unique design for an Android device. The material used to design the device, aluminum, is what many considered a welcome change in a world full of Androids that primarily uses polycarbonate as housing. But aside from the change in material used to house the device, the HTC One more

Friday, April 27, 2012

How much do you spend on data per month?

What makes all of this more interesting, however, is a study done by Parks Associates research firm. In the Mobile Data and Applications report, Parks Associates claim that two-thirds of Americans are not willing to pay $50 per month for data, reports Engadget. Furthermore, "the study shows nearly 50 percent of smartphone users are completely oblivious to the amount of data they're consuming every month," says Engadget's Edgar Alvarez.

From the article "How much do you spend more

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