Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HomePlug Alliance AV2 specification promises gigabit class networking over electrical wires

“HomePlug AV2 is the much anticipated and logical follow directly to the successful HomePlug AV specification,” said Kurt Scherf, senior analyst for Parks Associates. “AV2 greatly increases the capacity of home networks to support ultra-high speed applications by increasing the network’s bandwidth and in addition greatly improves reliable delivery of that bandwidth to all areas of the house.”

From the article, "HomePlug Alliance AV2 specification promises gigabit class netwo more

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Roku unveils Streaming Stick, squeezes box into MHL dongle

“Smart TV manufacturers have struggled to locate an application platform that sticks with consumers especially since software isn’t their forte,” said Kurt Scherf, vice chairman and principal analyst at Parks Associates. “The Roku Streaming Stick is a game changer for the Smart TV market. It takes the leading streaming platform and integrates into the television in a fashion that nobody have been ready to do The Roku Streaming Stick is not going to require any cables including a more

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