Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Study: 32% of smart tag owners say they use them to track other people without them knowing

A new report from Parks Associates says that 32% of people who own smart tags say they use the device to track another person’s location without that person even knowing they’re being tracked.

“The smart tag market is only beginning and has the potential to move into new use cases as consumers become more creative with how they track their valuables, as well as expand what is considered worth tracking,” Sarah Lee, Research Analyst, Parks Associates, said in a news release. more

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Streaming Services Losing Money From Password Sharing

As little kids, we’re taught sharing is caring. And there’s no time that it’s been easier to share than in the digital age, maybe too easy.

At least that’s what some media companies must be thinking with streaming services now taking us out of the prehistoric times of traditional cable. But with streaming comes the sharing of passwords.

According to research firm Parks Associates, Netflix, HBO and other streaming services are losing as much as $500 million this year by n more

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