Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tubi TV’s Thomas Ahn-Hicks On AVOD, The Competition, And The Future Of OTT

Tubi TV is having a pretty good 2017 so far: the latest Parks Associates study proclaimed the ad-supported service to be one of the fastest-growing apps in its space. So morale was high when I spoke to Thomas Ahn-Hicks, co-founder and Head of Strategy and Business Development for the company. Ahn-Hicks and I chatted on the phone, and I asked him about Tubi TV’s history and growth – as well as the challenges and issues the service faces.

From the article "Tubi TV’s Thomas Ahn more

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pay TV Companies Are Losing Ground To OTA

The latest Parks Associates study is out, and it has more bad news for traditional pay TV companies. Once again, satellite and cable companies are seeing losses. And it’s not just streaming services that pay TV companies need to look out for.

That’s because users of free over-the-air TV are on the rise, too. According to Parks Associates’ findings, a full 15% of all U.S. broadband households now get their TV exclusively from an antenna. That’s a big deal, because broadband h more

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sling TV, Showtime, And CBS All Access Are Gaining On Netflix

There aren’t any surprises at the top of the list. Netflix still dominates, and Amazon and Hulu follow behind. Sports services like MLB.TV and WWE Network are also popular, as is HBO NOW. HBO NOW is HBO’s OTT service, so its ranking does not reflect HBO’s total number of subscribers (among those excluded are those who subscribe to HBO through their cable provider).

All of these content providers are fighting for slices in a growing pie. Parks Associates says that 63% of broa more

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