Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bloomberg: 4K Apple TV in the works, set to be revealed alongside iPhone 8

Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg that the new Apple TV will be equipped with a faster processor capable of streaming higher-resolution content. A new version of the recently-launched TV app is also said to be in the works that will “aggregate programming from apps that already offer live streaming.”

Apple has failed to make as big of an impact in the living room as it has in the pocket (iPhone) or on the desk (Mac) up to this point. A recent survey from Parks Associates shows more

Friday, December 06, 2013

Apple is the top brand for holiday shoppers in nearly every category

Apple’s brand dominance has pushed the company to the top of several lists throughout 2013, and it might also be a deciding factor for shoppers in the market for consumer electronics this holiday season. According to research from Parks Associates, Apple is the top brand in a wide range of categories, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, home networking routers, MP3 players, and streaming media devices. For the first time ever, Apple has even overtaken Dell as the preferred more

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surprise: Purchase intent polls show PS4 with a big lead over Xbox One

Two separate surveys are showing that the PlayStation 4 sits substantially ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One when it comes to polling American consumers about console preference. According to a new survey, 30% of active gamers intend to definitely buy a PS4 console while 22% said the same about the Xbox One. According to Parks Associates, 36% of console shoppers favor PS4 while 27% are leaning towards Xbox One.

It’s possible that the decision to price the Xbox One $100 above the more

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hearing Is Believing: People Don't Realize How Important Great Sound Is Until They Experience It

Sound quality is a hugely important part of the multimedia experience on mobile devices that often gets overlooked. It’s not easy to convey how big the impact of good sound quality is on the overall experience, but a new Parks Associates study commissioned by Dolby set out to do just that. The study’s findings, set to be published later today by Dolby, show that the majority of smartphone owners consider sound quality to some degree when choosing a smartphone or tablet. After he more

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