Friday, November 20, 2015

WWE Network Is Now A Top Five Streaming Service

The WWE Network is now a top five streaming service, based on a report by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates.
WWE did a press release to tout the news, boasting their status as a top-five Over-the-top (OTT) streaming service, with WWE Network ranking above NFL Game Pass and HBO Now.
The only services above WWE are in fourth spot, Hulu in third spot, Amazon Video in second, and Netflix the number one market leader for streaming services.
With only 1.2 million subscribers, the WWE are some way off the dominance of Netflix, which has a staggering seventy million subscribers. However, market analysts see the Network as a strong product, due to the fresh content and live specials that occur monthly. That gives them an edge, as there’s no “seasonality” compared to some other streaming products. In terms of sport, only MLB is ahead of Vince McMahon’s product.

From the article "WWE Network Is Now A Top Five Streaming Service" by Grahame Herbert.


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