Monday, March 27, 2017

With Uber's misdeeds, Lyft aims to look like the good guy

Since both Uber and Lyft are private companies, they're not obliged to make their data public. So, it's unclear if Uber's scandals have affected its business and whether Lyft has gained from them.

"Seventy-five percent of ride-sharing app users report using Uber, while only 26 percent report using Lyft," said Jennifer Kent, director of research for market research firm Parks Associates. "So, Lyft absolutely has a market share gap to close."

"Exploiting Uber's poor press in recent months can only improve Lyft's brand reach and perception," Kent continued. "However, availability, pricing and app functionality are likely much more impactful on users' decision making than brand perception when choosing their preferred ride vendor."

From the article "With Uber's misdeeds, Lyft aims to look like the good guy" by Dara Kerr.

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