Wireless PC-to-TV product market is heating up

by | Sep. 1, 2010

During last week's Webcast - Connected TV Outlook - I had looked at PC-to-TV connections as one iteration of a "connected TV" experience. The number of U.S. households making connections between a computer and their high-definition display to watch online video is not insignificant - it was nearly six million households at the end of last year and it's expected to exceed ten million households this year.

This could spell an opportunity for developers of wireless PC-to-TV links. We've seen reference designs from companies such as Alereon and icron, and now we're seeing end-user products from the likes of IOGEAR, NETGEAR, and Wisair. The latest entrant is ASUS, which will use AMIMON's wireless technology for its upcoming WiCast EW2000 PC to TV connectivity kit.

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