Monday, January 17, 2005

Will "Wired Homes" Entice High-Tech Buyers?

ABC NewsElectronics retailers like CompUSA and Best Buy already are gearing up for new marketing efforts to try and build consumer enthusiasm for the "smart home." But the idea also has to be sold to home builders, who are embracing it with varying levels of enthusiasm.

A study by Parks Associates, a Dallas-based consulting and research firm, estimates that about 20 percent of new homes built this year will contain some kind of "structured wiring" for computer networking, entertainment and other uses.

The study found that high-speed Internet access throughout the house ranks as the most popular reason for structured wiring, followed by monitored security systems, and then the ability to play music from one stereo system in several rooms.

From the article "Will "Wired Homes" Entice High-Tech Buyers?", by Arik Hesseldahl.

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