Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Why The Twitter-NFL Deal Will Have Fans Cheering

Thursday night games are the ideal platform to experiment with this new form of sports streaming, says Glenn Hower, a research analyst at Parks Associates, a consumer technology market research firm based in Dallas. “Despite the success of the league’s other prime-time offerings with Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football, Thursday nights haven't resonated the same with viewers,” Hower wrote in an email. With social events and the weekend on the horizon, it is harder to attract viewers for three-and-a-half hours weekly, Packard says. Millennials, especially, aren't likely to sit through a Thursday night game, he says, making Twitter access — which fans can access from most mobile devices at any time — appealing to that demographic.

From the article "Why The Twitter-NFL Deal Will Have Fans Cheering" by Kathleen Burke.

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