Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why sharing your Netflix password is considered piracy ‘lite’

With about 11% of broadband-using households receiving streaming services via account sharing, according to a May report by market research firm Parks Associates, media companies stand to lose millions in revenue. But as Glenn Hower, a research analyst at Parks, says, the loss is just a drop in the bucket. “It’s a multi-, multibillion dollar industry,” Hower says. “It’s not quite as big of a deal as it could be.”

The industry as a whole will lose about $500 million in 2015 to password sharing, Hower estimates. The practice straddles the line between playing by the rules and pirating content, or, as he puts it, “piracy lite,” he says.

From the article "Why sharing your Netflix password is considered piracy ‘lite’" by Kathleen Burke.

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