Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wearables and health insurance: A health bar over everyone's head

The wearables market is currently a pretty small one. It optimistically represents about 2 percent of the billion or so smartphones shipped last year. This means that there's huge potential for growth, especially where corporations are buying them by the thousands.

According to Parks Associates, 22 million fitness-tracking devices will be sold this year, and this is set to increase to 66 million by 2018, with corporate-wellness programs accounting for a third of that.

On top of this, think of the replacement market, and sales from people seeing other people wearing them. People want what they see other people using, and health-related success stories will also help fuel sales.

This is a huge market opening out in front of the fitness wearables players.

From the article, "Wearables and health insurance: A health bar over everyone's head" by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

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