Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We Like Siri. We Really Like Siri.

According to a new report by Parks Associates, consumers are really digging Siri and Google Now voice capabilities, with 55% and 50% of Apple and Android smartphones users, respectively, saying they are "very" satisfied with the technologies.

"Adoption rates for voice control technologies have increased over the last year; roughly one-fifth of broadband users surveyed use either Siri or Google Now," says John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates.

What are we doing with Siri and Google Now? Parks says in the case of the iPhone, 48% of users call upon Siri for more than five activities per month; 39% for Google now. Looking up information is a frequented occasion for prompting the voice control function: 77% of the time for Siri users and 70% for Google Now. We're also using them to send text-based messages (71% for Siri, 74% for Google Now).

Barrett also notes that half of Siri users also call on the sultry voice to play music or schedule events, representing a much higher rate than Google Now users. (Though the latter figure was not noted.)

Roughly one-half of those using these features say it is 'very important' to have voice control on their next smartphone, and Parks' research shows this consumer demand is expanding to TVs and other connected home devices.

From the article, "We Like Siri. We Really Like Siri." by Christine Persaud.

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