We are in the sickcare age, not the healthcare age: Insights from TrustCircle

by Parks Associates | Sep. 5, 2016

Before attending the 2016 Connected Health Summit in San Diego, Sachin Chaudhry, Founder/CEO of TrustCircle, answered several industry questions:

What's new in 2016 that keeps you upbeat/optimistic about the connected health market?

We are in the sickcare age and not healthcare age. Exponential adoption of mobile phones and internet is the change agent helping us transition to healthcare age. The mobile information and communication technologies open up enormous opportunities for personal and connected healthcare.

What's the most effective strategy/approach you have seen that engages consumers for health and wellness behavioral changes?

Health happens between visits and needs right blend of continuous social and medical support post visits. Mobile health solutions such as TrustCircle that empower patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to improve communication, collaboration and coordination of care will be most effective in engaging consumers for health & wellness behavioral changes.

What do you anticipate to happen in 2017-2018 that would have the biggest impact on the connected health market?

Healthcare data interoperability between EHRs will break silos, continuous mobile phone and internet adoption will help consumers manage and take control of their health – connected health is the future and knocking our doors.

Sachin spoke on the session "Everything Disruptive: What Consumers Can Expect from Care Innovators" alongside speakers from CirrusMD, Life365, Sensoria, and WEGO Health.

For more information on next year's Connected Health Summit and how your company can become involved, visit www.connectedhealthsummit.com.

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