Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VR Primed For US Take-Off As 2.3MN Homes Own Headset

Parks believes that as more households adopt VR devices, and become part of the consumer-based Internet of things (IoT), they will emerge as a new way to experience content streams coming into the home and a new interface for other connected devices throughout the home.

In a call to action, Parks Associates recommends that CE companies that are developing VR headsets provide simple methods to add (and remove) multiple content streams while giving the user the tools to personalise their experience with this device. Parks believes that for consumers, the division between device and content is already blurred, and innovations in virtual and augmented reality could finally erase the distinction.

From the article "VR Primed For US Take-Off As 2.3MN Homes Own Headset" by Joseph O'Halloran.

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