Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Virtual Health Care Will Revolutionize The Industry, If We Let It

Of the nearly 75% of households that have not used online healthcare communications, over 50% indicate that they are comfortable with the idea of using online tools to communicate with their healthcare provider. It will be up to providers then to bridge this gap. The majority of these consumers acknowledge that saving time would be the primary reason for them to use online tools, so providers need to emphasize this benefit in particular when promoting these resources to patients.

If providers educate their patients on the unique benefits of virtual care while encouraging use of services like remote consultations or testing kiosks, adoption will continue to increase. Parks Associates is optimistic that these efforts will have a positive impact on use and adoption, with benefits to patients and also to businesses working in the healthcare space.

From the article, "Virtual Health Care Will Revolutionize The Industry, If We Let It."


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