Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Video's Popularity Rises and the Screens Converge: Fresh Steps to Fully Capitalize

For one, the internet is feeding TV consumption in an increasingly seamless way - 34 percent of U. S. homes already own a smart TV, 20 percent own a streaming device and a whopping 62 percent own a gaming console, all of which are being used, in part, to stream TV from the internet. In addition, according to Parks Associates, 60 percent of connected TV homes are watching TV programs via the Internet, and a recent report from eMarketer states that, in 2015, the majority of US Internet users will be using a connected TV [1].

On top of the impact that the pure growth in internet video streaming on connected TVs being observed will likely have on the video ad strategy, the relationship between TV and tablet viewing is also getting closer. As of Q1 2014, Parks Associates reports that ownership rates of tablets have quadrupled to 61 percent of broadband homes, with 41 percent making regular use of TV apps1. Together these trends signal an important opportunity for advertisers, networks and TV providers alike, to deliver richer ad experiences to audiences across screens.

From the article "Video's Popularity Rises and the Screens Converge: Fresh Steps to Fully Capitalize" by Jacqueline Corbelli.

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