Friday, September 12, 2014

Verizon Offering À La Carte Internet and TV Mid-2015

“Lowell McAdam is definitely onto something when he mentions that millennials want their content on devices,” Glenn Hower, a research analyst with Parks Associates, told TechNewsWorld. “About one-third of millennials say that online is their preferred outlet for watching video content, and Verizon appears to be listening.”

Although this has been something consumers have been clamoring for, some of the smaller networks wouldn’t be so keen on the measure because it could create a situation whereby they lose an enormous sum of money, create less content and may even shut down their stations. Hower noted that television content is quite expensive to produce so “the cost of content is going to have to come down, or customers are going to have to keep paying more. Either way, something has to give.”

From the article "Verizon Offering À La Carte Internet and TV Mid-2015" by Andrew Moran.


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