Wednesday, November 21, 2012

USA Today Expects TV Deals to Be Abundant During the Holidays

Fewer electronics shoppers, 33% down from 41% last year, said they wanted smart TV features — apps that connect you to streaming movies, social networks, games, news, weather and even exercise, a recent survey by Parks Associates found. But when asked whether they wanted a set that connected to the Internet and sported 3-D, consumer interest rose to 29%, compared with 23% last year.

That small increase could be a sign that shoppers aren’t clear what a smart TV is — or that many sets also have built-in Wi-Fi capability. “If the price is comparable, go ahead and get the smart TV with Internet capabilities,” advises Parks analyst Heather Way.

From the article, "USA Today Expects TV Deals to Be Abundant During the Holidays" by Jeff Kleist. 


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