Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two-Thirds of US Broadband Households Stream Music

According to the digital audio report by Parks Associates 40% of US households with broadband are using a free service to stream audio and 26% are using a paid music streaming service. The report showed that of the paid services available Amazon Prime Music came on top with 10%, shortly followed by Pandora one at 6% and Spotify Premium at 4%.

The survey covered 10,000 US households with broadband and was taken before Apple Music’s launch at the end of June this year. It’s surprising to see Amazon come out on top with their slightly less expansive music library than competitors however with it’s overall cheaper model and extra features (one-day delivery, amazon instant video) it’s easy to see how it could have a broader appeal.

From the article "Two-Thirds of US Broadband Households Stream Music" by RouteNote.com


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