Thursday, August 17, 2017

TV's next big experiment: 'choose your own adventure'

Viewers vote on the actions of the protagonist -- leading to one of seven endings -- using a smartphone app while the movie keeps rolling seamlessly for between 70 and 90 minutes.

"This type of content has not really been possible on a broad scale until now," Glenn Hower, a senior digital media analyst with research firm Parks Associates, told AFP.

"Sure, it could be done on DVD or Blu-ray discs, but the experience is typically slow and disruptive."

Hower said it would be interesting to see how the format could be incorporated into the booming virtual reality (VR) industry.

"Consuming VR-formatted content is highly personal as it is, and allowing a free or even semi-directed narrative gives consumers the opportunity to make this content even more their own."

From the article "TV's next big experiment: 'choose your own adventure'."

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