Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TV everywhere is still little used, but is not widespread

In recent years, discussions of Cable in 2013, the largest event of cable TV U.S. which takes place this week in Washington, has revolved around the possibilities opened by TV services everywhere and for convenience these platforms (which allow the consumption of content the user signs up for the service traditional pay TV on any device, anywhere). But the fact is that, until now, is still small the adoption of this new service for subscribers. There is very accurate numbers because it varies from carrier to carrier, but some data researched by the company Parks Associates give dimension: according to a survey done in the USA, for those that the service is available, the level of use is 15%. But, according to the study, the biggest problem is not lack of will but lack of knowledge about the service. The company found that only 26% of users know they have the ability to watch channels anywhere (everywhere), which means that half of those who know, actually do. According to Parks, the level of knowledge has improved. In 2012, only 18% of subscribers surveyed knew of TV services everywhere. For the Parks, which explains the lack of knowledge is the fact that, for operators, is not justified a strong investment in the disclosure, first because it does not generate more revenue, because after a great demand may bring more problems and technical assistance , and because the moment the market is the video on demand, which generates more revenue and has grown dramatically.

For those who think that TV platforms everywhere have no future, just say that VOD took at least ten years to gain momentum in the U.S..

The research also showed that the Parks no significant difference in income between those who consume TV Everywhere and you do not consume, but they consume are, in general, people who spend more on entertainment is cinema, VOD content or over-the top.

Likewise, according to Parks, who uses TV everywhere is less likely to give up pay TV services than those who do not use.

From the article, "TV everywhere is still little used, but is not widespread."


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