Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 5 markets disrupted by sharing economy apps

Sharing economy apps like Airbnb, Uber and HomeAdvisor have the ability to thrive and disrupt incumbent industries. We have identified the five top markets that could become the next frontier of digital disruption, including car sharing, vehicle repair and maintenance, self-storage, tech support and textbook selling/renting.

Car sharing

Uber has already become a major disruptor in one area of the auto industry by cutting out taxi service companies and connecting passengers directly with drivers. Car-sharing apps may become the next wave of auto industry disruptors. These apps are attractive to consumers who want a driving experience without the need for car ownership. The apps connect car owners who are willing to let others use their car when it is not in use — e.g., sitting idle in an airport parking lot or parked at home — and people in need of a car — e.g., business or leisure travelers who need flexible transportation options. Car-sharing apps can offer flexible rental terms and real-time pricing adjustments based on supply and demand.

From the article "Top 5 markets disrupted by sharing economy apps" by Harry Wang.

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