Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Top 10 IoT trends for 2017

A new study released by Parks Associates this year revealed wearables and smart watches are expanding as healthcare tools are integrated more with other IoT applications.

According to the report, while the market for smart watches, and for wearables overall is in the early stages, there are significant growth opportunities for both manufacturers and app developers.

Parks Associates research shows that consumers primarily use smart watches for health and wellness tracking (58 per cent) and receiving notifications (57 per cent).

Early consumer data also showed smart watches have an advantage over fitness trackers regarding usage with sports and outdoor activities. According to the report, brands like Apple have taken notice of these use cases and are looking to capitalise on its users’ needs with the Apple Watch Series 2, which has GPS and water-resistant features to enhance these types of activities.

From the article "Top 10 IoT trends for 2017" by Azadeh Williams.


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