Monday, July 30, 2012

Time Could be Right for Mobile Health Apps for Smartphones

In that vein, a new survey by industry analyst Parks Associates has found that a full quarter of all people who use a smartphone would like to see an application that allows them to communicate better with their doctor. Research analyst Jennifer Kent recently presented her firm’s research at the fourth annual mHealth World Congress event on July 26th. Among the research, Kent unveiled a whole host of people who would like a mobile application that could help them with various medical issues.

According to the survey, almost 30 percent of respondents who are mobile phone users that have serious medical conditions say they would be able to monitor and handle their issues better if a mobile app was available that would help. The research also indicates that that as many as 20 percent of all smartphone users would like some kind of mobile medicine application. Most of those people would like something that would allow them to talk to their doctor or at least leave a message for a medical professional that they could then use later on.

From the article, "Time Could be Right for Mobile Health Apps for Smartphones" by Oliver VanDervoort. 

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