Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The New Apple TV Start Shipping Next Week: Worth Buying?

Currently, Apple lies in fourth spot in the race for being the most popular media streaming device across the United States in terms of sales, according to a research recently conducted by Parks Associates. While Roku leads the industry, holding a near-35% market share, Tim Cook, seemed to show immense faith in the forthcoming Apple TV, labeling it as the “foundation of future of TV.” Quite simply, nothing but pure optimism was on display as he continued to talk about Apple’s latest offering.

The pressure had been mounting on Apple, given how most major competitors recently threw something in the mix; Amazon, Google, and Roku, have all been competing for the top spot as of late, introducing a handful of new features each time a new model was introduced. In addition to this, companies have also been introducing new streaming products to pile up the pressure on Apple and it seems to have responded with a TV of its own, although only time should tell how good a reply it was.

From the article "The New Apple TV Start Shipping Next Week: Worth Buying?" by John Dewey.


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