Friday, June 08, 2007

The billion-dollar digital home services opportunity

The evolution of the digital home will drive a new industry in support services worth nearly one billion dollars by 2011, new research claims.

Citing research across the US market, Parks Associates predicts support services for troubleshooting and repair will more than double; while installation and configuration services will yield another $700 million

The anticipate this emerging service industry will be worth $450 million in 2007, climbing to $977 million by year-end 2011.

"Consumers have been very consistent in expressing both their frustration with the complexity of today's digital home products and services and their willingness to seek professional assistance to solve these issues," said Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates' vice president and principal analyst.

"Customer service and support are not just critical challenges for retailers, manufacturers, and service providers to overcome but also significant revenue-generating opportunities for forward-thinking companies."

From the article "The billion-dollar digital home services opportunity," by Jonny Evans.

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