Saturday, December 29, 2012

Super iPad Surface gross profit consumer willingness to buy or half _ China’s economy – national eco

According to market research firm Parks Associates recently released survey results show that, during the third quarter and the fourth quarter of this year, consumer type of Tablet PC preferences has occurred great changes.

during the third quarter of this year, consumers purchased mainly Apple and Microsoft computers, and also purchased some Amazon Tablet PC; fourth quarter, Apple’s iPad tablet computer still similar to the third quarter sales However, Microsoft’s share of the Tablet PC has a substantial vacate the similar products of Amazon and Google. In addition, the data also show that in this year’s holiday shopping season, the first time in more U.S. broadband households plan to purchase a tablet PC, instead of buying a laptop, netbook computers or super this computer; survey also found that about 33% of the broadband home users already have a flat-screen computer, more than last year’s 15%, Parks Associates forecasts that,ipad repair white marsh, by 2013, is expected to be 66% of U.S. broadband households will have a tablet PC.

Parks Associates survey also showed that approximately 44% of this year’s holiday shopping season, shoppers purchase Apple’s iPad tablet computer, and about 24% of users chose the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computer. In addition, users buy iPad mini,ipad 4 screen repair Baltimore, about 40% of the buyers claim that they originally planned to buy the iPad, but change your mind later and want to buy the iPad mini. In addition, 12% of users plan to purchase the Google Nexus, and another 21% plan to buy Microsoft’s Surface.

Parks analyst John Barrett said: “Apple will be the main product market continue to be a strong driving force, but the launch of the iPad mini will seize the iPad’s market share.”

However, the biggest change may reduce the number of users of the Surface purchased. Barrett said: “Consumers are initially expressed a desire to want to buy Microsoft Surface, but Microsoft announced the price and other details, consumers purchase the holidays between the ratio of the number of Microsoft Surface plan from 45 in the third quarter. % down to 21%. “

From the article, "Super iPad Surface gross profit consumer willingness to buy or half _ China’s economy – national eco."


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