Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Study reveals that Connected TVs are ready for prime time

Because Rovi Corporation, in conjunction with research firm Parks Associates, just released a groundbreaking new research study that delves into multiple aspects of the connected TV market.

Global households tune into Smart TVs

Just how quickly are Smart TVs catching on? Parks Associates has followed the worldwide market for smart TVs for many years and tracked a dramatic increase in device adoption and usage.

From 2012 to 2013, North American and Western European smart TV households will increase by 39% and 40%, respectively. Latin American smart TV households will swell by 199% in the same forecast period.

By this time next year, Smart TVs will have entered the mainstream. Parks Associates estimates that 38% of all TV households in North America will own a smart TV set by 2013. The same holds true for Western Europe, where smart TVs will be present in 32% of all TV homes. Asia-Pacific remains slightly behind the curve with smart TV ownership levels growing from 6% of all TV households in 2013 to 16% by 2016.

Now that connected TVs are clearly on the rise, we wanted to understand how this new platform was impacting both viewers and advertisers globally. The point of the study was not only to get a handle on the number of smart TV households across the globe, but to really dig deep into the content and ad engagement levels of viewers and to explore the role of internet-enabled search and discovery functions in TV advertising campaigns.

From the article, "Study reveals that Connected TVs are ready for prime time" by Jeff Siegel.

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