Monday, November 30, 2015

Streaming devices a hot commodity during Black Friday blow-out

Recent research from Parks Associates showed that in 2014, Roku out-sold other brands of connected TV devices, representing 34% of the market. The second-most popular brand was Google, maker of Chromecast, at 23%. Amazon and Apple Devices ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Roku has been hailed by tech publications such as The Verge and Re/Code as the best streaming device on the market. While most reviewers note that the technical specs are similar across most of the major brands, Roku edged out its competitors in terms of content (it has more than 3,000 apps and channels, while AppleTV does not contain a channel for Amazon Prime) and was deemed most likely to be able to give users access to the content they want.

From the article "Streaming devices a hot commodity during Black Friday blow-out" by BREE RODY-MANTHA.

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