Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sports content will secure future of live TV - expert

Traditional, or "linear" television will not be replaced by on-demand viewing as people will always want to watch live sport events, an analyst has said.

Glenn Hower, research analyst at consulting firm Parks Associates, told that live content would still have its place in traditional broadcasting, especially sports.

Mr Hower's comments, made at International CES, come amid consistent growth of on-demand streaming and after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings last year predicted that broadcast TV would not last beyond 2030.

Asked about the global place of traditional TV, Mr Hower said: "I do have a hard time seeing that linear TV will completely die, especially seeing as there is still a lot of value in live content."

He said if you looked at the question of the future of linear content, the go-to answer lies in sports.

"The value of a live event like a sporting event declines dramatically with time. There are some great classic games and matches that you can get that are a lot of fun to watch again and again and again but for the most part you see a huge drop-off in value once you get past that live window.

"So as long as we're still watching live events, and I have to think that we will be - sports leagues are still bringing in a tonne of money - there's going to be a place for live content."

From the article "Sports content will secure future of live TV - expert" by Hannah Langston.

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