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by Parks Associates | Aug. 22, 2018

Prior to the 5th-annual Connected Health Summit, hosted by Parks Associates, Shawn Barry, VP, Strategic Sales,, sat down with the firm's analyst team to discuss solutions and innovations for connected living at home.

Shawn will participate as a keynote speaker at the event. He will present Smart Solutions for Connected Living at Home and in Communities on Wednesday, August 29, at 9:45 AM.

What's new in 2018 that keeps you upbeat/optimistic about the connected health market?
More companies are embracing connected health than ever before. Today’s technology allows you to redefine the relationship between a person and the connected space they live in. My hope is that technology leaders will work together to enhance the value proposition of technology to healthcare professionals and those that need our services most.

What's the most effective strategy/approach you have seen that engages consumers for health wellness behavioral changes?
We think that labeling consumer as ‘aging in place’ is a net negative. Instead, we focus on how IoT solutions can have a significant impact on the well-being of an individual. Our platform is intelligent enough to monitor the overall quality of life and create actionable information that can improve patient outcomes and lower care costs.

What independent living solutions will help keep people in their homes longer?
By turning the home into the next health wearable,’s Wellness solution enhances the interaction between caregivers, adult children and those we are caring for. Wellness can report about changes in sleeping and eating patterns, bathroom visit frequency and medication adherence, as well as emergency situations like wandering out of the home or falls. It also provides the convenience and security of home automation to ensure the home is locked and the security system is armed.

How is AI in health helping to improve the care experience?
Unlike standalone devices, Wellness integrates a suite of sensors and devices. This enables the platform to apply machine learning algorithms to the data generated by these devices and sensors in order to proactively detect changes that may indicate issues or risks. For example, we can detect unusual activities or anomalies in the individual’s typical patterns such as bathroom visit frequency, number of meals eaten each day or sleeping patterns.

How will innovations in connectivity, such as the emergence of 5G, impact the health market?
Cellular communications make systems easier to install and more reliable and secure than traditional WIFI offerings. is a leader in cellular M2M communications and our relationships with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile allow us data to introduce a growing data set to our cloud where we can analyze it to enhance the solution and provide safer and smarter care for those we love.

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