Monday, November 28, 2022

Smart TVs: The Entertainment Centerpiece of the Home – Industry Voices: Parks

Amid a slowing economy and the threat of inflation, consumer spending slowed over 2022. Despite this, consumers remained invested in streaming video consumption, with a record-high 23% of internet households subscribed to nine or more services in Q1 2022, according to Parks Associates. The streaming device market is maturing rapidly as a result.

Parks Associates’ research reveals that 55% of US broadband households now own a smart TV. Additionally, 58% of those households use the smart TV as the device they access most frequently to watch streaming video. Further, 49% of US broadband households subscribe to four or more services as of Q3 2021. The research firm reports that companies should maximize their available market in this highly active and competitive business environment by supporting a varied mix of devices.

From the article, "Smart TVs: The Entertainment Centerpiece of the Home – Industry Voices: Parks" by Elizabeth Parks.

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