Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thirty-one percent of US broadband households own or plan to buy a smart appliance

Racepoint Energy, Reliant, Resideo, and Sense examine new service bundling as part of the smart energy ecosystem at the 11th annual Smart Energy Summit

New research from Parks Associates finds 31% of US broadband households own or plan to buy a smart appliance, with the products’ ability to offer energy-efficiency tips a key motivator in many purchases. The international research firm will host the eleventh annual Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, February 17-19, 2020, at the Omni Austin Downtown in Austin, Texas, featuring sessions on new opportunities for utilities and energy providers to complement their energy services and more deeply engage their customers.

“Utilities can build revenues and consumer engagement strategies around new services in HVAC, home warranties, security, and insurance,” said Denise Ernst, Vice President, Parks Associates. “We look forward to discussing these new opportunities at Smart Energy Summit.”

Parks Associates - Smart Appliances consumer research

At Smart Energy Summit, more than 300 industry leaders from utilities, service providers, manufacturers, and technology companies will participate in panel discussions that address the current challenges, new services, and incremental shifts utilities are making to leverage connectivity in the home to save energy on the grid.

Speakers for the session “Optimize Smart Home Bundle Offerings: Capturing the Consumer”:

Stacey Butler, Director, Security by Reliant, Reliant Home Services, and NRG Go, Reliant

Anna Demeo, President, Racepoint Energy

Scott Harkins, Vice President, General Manager of Connected Home, Resideo

Mike Phillips, CEO, Sense

“Resideo offers necessary solutions for the four critical networks of the home -- air, water, energy, and security -- that today are largely unmonitored or protected,” said Scott Harkins, VP, Connected Home, Resideo. “Research shows that indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air quality, 93% of water damage claims could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shut-off, and a furnace or air conditioning system can alert you if preventative maintenance is needed instead of completely failing during a heat wave or Polar Vortex. HVAC contractors and security dealers are in the best position to strengthen their relationship with homeowners while adding revenue for their businesses and supporting the critical networks of the home. The application of machine learning and analytics opens new opportunities to create new services-based revenue models.”

“Smart home technology makes life more convenient in a variety of ways, from lifestyle and entertainment to home security,” said Mike Phillips, CEO, Sense. “The challenge for service providers is how to bundle popular smart home services with energy services so that consumers have an easy, integrated experience. The next generation of smart home technology uses energy insights to make homes more efficient, safer, and more reliable while engaging consumers. Home energy monitoring can provide performance data to inform HVAC system maintenance, identify unsafe and unreliable appliances for home warranty services, and detect abnormalities inside the home that security systems may overlook.”

Event sponsors include FLO, Rapid Response Monitoring, AutoGrid, Bidgely, Copper Labs, Everise, Johnson Controls, Zen Ecosystems,, Sprosty Network, Austin Energy, Grid4C, and Inspire.

Parks Associates will also host a pre-show research workshop, “Trends and Opportunities in Residential Energy Management,”on February 17, featuring detailed findings from the firm’s consumer and industry studies on the smart home, IoT, and energy management markets.

To schedule an interview with an analyst or to request data, please contact Elizabeth Parks at, 972-490-1113.

About Smart Energy Summit

Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer examines the changing role of utilities and energy providers in the IoT era and offers research and insights on new opportunities to empower consumers with smart solutions to manage and save energy in the home. The conference addresses key questions for energy providers around leadership and alignment of goals between residential energy management solutions and the grid and presents strategies to expand business and revenue goals by incorporating smart products into energy programs.

Smart Energy Summit focuses on identifying opportunities across converging ecosystems to create new value in energy solutions through partnerships that leverage connected devices, energy management, utility services, and home control platforms and services. Research analysts, thought leaders, and industry executives present and discuss business strategies, case studies, partnership opportunities, and consumer research that utilities, service providers, retailers, and manufacturers can use to expand and monetize their energy offerings.

The eleventh annual Smart Energy Summit will take place February 17-19, 2020, at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown in Austin, Texas. The summit agenda features leaders from utilities, state and national regulators, telecom and security companies, retailers, and OEMs. Follow the event on Twitter at @SmartEnergySmt and #SmartEnergy20. For information on speaking, sponsoring, or attending Smart Energy Summit, visit

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