Friday, December 27, 2013

Security opens door to truly connected home

More than 15% of U.S. homes have a home security system that will alert a monitoring firm in case of incidents, according to Parks Associates. The installations, equipment and recurring fees generate as much as $10 billion annually for the U.S. security industry. Home security spending is expected to double over the next decade, the research firm estimates, as nearly three in 10 homes are expected to get systems.

The killer app literally driving installations? All-in-one apps that let you monitor your home using portable devices. "The whole ecosystem that goes with smartphones has really helped it take off," says Tom Kerber, director of research for home controls at Parks Associates. Monthly fees run a bit higher than with older systems — $30 on up to $50 or so — but, he says, "you get a lot more capability and functionality."

Until recently, only high-end security systems costing upward of $20,000 were truly "smart," with one system that handled security, video monitoring, motion detection, remote access and security-enhancing home automation features such as programmed lighting.

From the article, "Security opens door to truly connected home" by Mike Snider.


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