Monday, August 19, 2013

Roku Shakes Up Streaming Video Devices

When Netflix first brought us streaming video, it was the service more than the device that got people talking. Now, as dedicated streaming video devices continue to invade the mainstream, a new study from Parks Associates has revealed that Roku is the primary device of choice in more homes than Apple TV; Google's Chromecast is likely too recent an entrant to the space to have achieved meaningful market penetration.

The data

According to Parks Associates, a recent study of 10,000 U.S. homes with broadband revealed that of homes that have a streaming video media device, 37% primarily used Roku versus 24% for Apple TV. When coupled with the additional result that since 2011, the number of homes that have such a device has doubled to 14%, the growth for Roku is meaningful. The firm further predicts that by 2017, the number of connected TV devices sold annually worldwide will reach 330 million. This is a meaningful market and one that can drive a lot of consumer dollars into the hands of select companies.

From the article, "Roku Shakes Up Streaming Video Devices" by Doug Ehrman. 

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