Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Roku Joins Chromecast As Top Streaming Device

With so many different ways to watch streaming TV, it is always of interest to see which device sells the most. And new research from Parks Associates shows that both Roku and the Chromecast stick were top internet TV devices.

Roku-streamingThe data showed that during 2013 in the US, the Google Chromecast sold an estimated 3.8 million units which matched Roku’s sales through the year.

Although as the Chromecast stick only launched in mid-2013, it would have to be held up as even more popular than the Roku devices. The data showed that poor Apple trailed behind the big two, selling around two million Apple TV’s in the US last year.

From the article "Roku Joins Chromecast As Top Streaming Device" by Steve Sanger.

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