Friday, July 19, 2013

Report: TV channel apps used by 14% of tablet and smartphone users

Consumers are developing a preference for TV content apps as the number of TV-channel apps from networks for both smarphones and tables increase, says a report by Parks Associates. The firm found that 14% of smartphone/tablet users surveyed in 1Q 2013 have recently used a TV-content app and nearly 75% of these users are satisfied with this app experience.

The consumer analytics research, TV Channel and Network App Users, revealed that the most-common consumer activities with these apps are watching video, looking up information related to programs, and purchasing related music or merchandise. Viewers also use the apps to check broadcast dates and times.

"Companies in the television industry are experimenting with several approaches to TV-related apps for mobile devices," said Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates. "Some are already noting several benefits, including greater viewer immersion, the ability to appeal to viewers outside of the broadcast window, and new aspects to storytelling. However, the most important implication may be for advertising. As consumers increasingly tune into mobile devices during commercial breaks, these apps provide a way to keep viewer attention."

From the article, "Report: TV channel apps used by 14% of tablet and smartphone users."

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