Thursday, July 10, 2014

Report: Apple TV Fell Behind Chromecast, Roku in 2013 Sales

Parks Associates, a market research firm specializing in residential service analysis, has compiled sales numbers from 2013, examining the top sellers in the streaming video device market (i.e. streaming video USB sticks, set-top boxes). According to its estimates the sales breakdown was:

  • 3.8m Roku, Inc. set-top boxes
  • 3.8m Google Chromecast
  • 2m Apple TV

Apple can still brag that it has the global lead over its rivals. Globally, it had sold 20 million Apple TV boxes, between when the first generation device launched in Jan. 2007 and the end of 2013. Roku -- whose first set-top box launched in May 2008 -- had sold only 8 million units through the end of 2013. 

From the article "Report: Apple TV Fell Behind Chromecast, Roku in 2013 Sales" by Jason Mick.


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