Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ready To Knock TV Off Its Pedestal? Join The Club

Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics are increasingly becoming enabled with technology that enhances the user’s environment by analyzing ambient audio or video signals to identify content. Parks Associates found that in 2013, 36 percent of smartphone owners and 35 percent of tablet owners search for product/service information on the device while watching TV, which has obvious implications for advertising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) even suggests that multi-screen users can recall TV advertisements better than when watching the traditional one screen.

The second screen will bridge what industry observers have dubbed the “digital divide,” a separation of the powerful, world of television mass media from the tremendously vast, “on demand” digital realm. For TV-centric advertisers and content producers, second screens provide a channel to test out digital strategies that extend the capabilities of TV advertising. Giving consumers the seamless ability to access relevant information to what they are watching via the second screen – just one of the many things consumers can do with second-screen capabilities – presents advertisers with the opportunity to extend their ad platforms. For instance, when a viewer sees a trailer for an upcoming movie on the TV screen, they will have the ability to locate the nearest movie theater, share with friends and even purchase tickets instantly on their phone, tablet or laptop.

From the article, "Ready To Knock TV Off Its Pedestal? Join The Club" by Ashwin Navin.

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