Monday, June 09, 2014

RadioShack bets on in-store, same-day repairs to smartphones, tablets

With the wireless phone industry moving away from subsidized smartphones, the cost of the phone psychologically is going to feel more expensive, said Harry Wang, director of mobile research at Parks Associates.

"When people pay upfront for their smartphone or see the cost of paying it over 12 months, consumers will have a clear understanding of the price of their phone," Wang said.

The "Fix It Here!" program also complements how Magnacca is trying to reposition RadioShack's 4,300 stores. He wants consumers to view the chain as a place to find solutions. It has used a do-it-together theme in recent marketing as a play on the do-it-yourself movement.

"It's also another interactive piece of the store, putting a behind-the-scenes repair out where customers can shop," he said. The company is also adding interactive speaker walls and headphone displays in its stores.

From the article, "RadioShack bets on in-store, same-day repairs to smartphones, tablets" by Maria Halkias."

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