Monday, March 06, 2017

PayPal, Starbucks top consumers' mobile payments preferences, study says

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. smartphone users have used a mobile payment app at a retail location, according to new mobile research from Parks Associates.

The report, 360 View: Mobility and the App Economy, notes that PayPal is overwhelmingly the most used payment app, with 63 percent of payment app users choosing this payment method, compared to 38 percent who use the Starbucks app.

"PayPal had an enormous online user base before the advent of smartphones, which has translated into the most users of any mobile payment solution," Harry Wang, senior director of research at Parks Associates, said in statement. "Notably, the Starbucks app is the second most popular app overall despite being limited to one retailer, which indicates this business has been able to successfully combine a loyal customer base with an easy-to-use payment solution."

According the report, the most common items purchased through mobile payments apps are food, drinks and groceries. The research also shows that 80 percent of consumers are very satisfied with the mobile payment apps they use.

"Regardless of the app in question, consumers are overwhelmingly satisfied with mobile payment apps," Wang said. "This is especially evident with Starbucks, which has 67 percent of its app users very satisfied with the payment solution."

From the article "PayPal, Starbucks top consumers' mobile payments preferences, study says".


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