Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Parks Associates: “micropayments will have a place in multiscreen”

IP&TV News talks to Brett L. Sappington (Director of Research, Parks Associates), about micropayments, multiscreen, and more. Brett will be appearing at this year’s TVXperience (October 13-15 , Convene Center, New York), for booking and more info go here.

IP&TV News: Hi Brett. How big a future do you think micropayments have in the multiscreen ecosystem?

Just as micropayments have made inroads into games and mobile apps, I think that it will have a place in multiscreen. However, I think that multiscreen interfaces will need to see improvements in order to unlock that revenue. Currently, consumers cannot easily tell if they have already paid for video content or not. If a consumer wants to watch a show, they have to check through multiple interfaces in order to see if the show is already available for free through the pay-TV provider, broadcaster, or OTT services that they subscribe to. Rather than facing that hassle (or paying again for a show that they already get but cannot find), consumers are likely to simply choose among the options that they can easily find in their favourite app from their favourite provider. When interfaces begin to solve this problem, consumers will be more likely to spend a small amount to watch a new show or episode.

From the article "Parks Associates: 'micropayments will have a place in multiscreen'" by Thomas Campbell.

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