Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Parks: Millennials Covet OTT Video — And Pay-TV

Parks said nearly 60% of OTT video services in North America are subscription-based. About 64% of U.S. broadband households subscribe to an OTT video service, up from 59% in 2015. Average monthly spending on SVOD services among U.S. broadband households increased from $3.71 per month in 2012 to $6.19 per month in 2015.

Approximately 20% of U.S. broadband households canceled at least one OTT video service in 2015 — including 5% canceling Netflix, up from 4% canceling the service in the past 12 months.

Another 14% of broadband households subscribe to Hulu, while 7% of households canceled the service in 2015, roughly the same churn rate from Q2 2015. Parks said 24% of broadband households subscribed to Amazon Prime so that they could stream video. The churn rate for Prime Video declined slightly from Q2 2015 to the end of the year.

From the article "Parks: Millennials Covet OTT Video — And Pay-TV" by Erik Gruenwedel.

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