Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Parks: Fitness still the leading use case for smartwatches

Despite all the convenience features of modern smartwatches, for users it’s still all about fitness, according to recently released data from Parks Associates.

The research firm says that tracking steps is the most popular smartwatch use case, with 60 percent of the United States’ 13.3 million smartwatch users reporting that they track their steps with their device.

According to Senior Director of Research Harry Wang, this desire for fitness tracking, as well as heart rate monitoring, is driving a healthy interest in smartwatches generally.

“Purchase intentions for smart watches have nearly doubled since the third quarter of 2015, and the device has a high NPS (net promoter score), which bodes well for future adoption,” Wang said in a statement. “The smart watch industry learned that it has to continue to innovate to sustain consumer purchase interest, and health and fitness functions are high among their investment priorities. In the US, while companies are still experimenting with form factors, features, battery life, and pricing, the healthcare industry has shown a strong interest in leveraging wearables for patient engagement.”

From the article "Parks: Fitness still the leading use case for smartwatches" by Jonah Comstock.

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