Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Parks: Connected Apps The New Battleground For Video Services

A new white paper by Parks Associates for Ooyala concludes that connected device apps have become the new battleground for video services, with Pay TV operators, OTT service providers, broadcasters, cable networks and even media publishers all vying with each other to deploy them in order to reach new audiences.

In the USA, says the research firm, OTT video services remain ahead of Pay TV providers, broadcasters and cable networks in their use of connected apps to deliver content to the TV. Meanwhile, games consoles are currently the leading TV app platform used, ahead of smart TVs and streaming media players such as Roku and Apple TV. However, that picture is changing, driven by changes in home entertainment device ownership in the USA, says Parks.

From the article "Parks: Connected Apps The New Battleground For Video Services" by Barry Flynn.

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