Monday, January 26, 2015

OTT TV and IPTV: Dual Opportunities for Operators in the Fast Growing Video Services Market

IPTV, OTT TV and OTT video services will all be redefining the TV experience, and more importantly will be seeing a large number of telcos expanding into the TV and video services market. On one end, households are doing away with their TV sets in favour of streaming on their smart devices, and on the other, households are buying more streaming devices to bring the content they see on their phones and computers to their TV sets. According to a recent research from Parks Associates, 26% of US households already own a streaming media device and more than one third own a smart TV. Parks said that on average, a US household spends over US$6 per month on subscription of Internet video services which means that despite having cable and IPTV, consumers are paying extra to access more content on the Internet. With more people finding their favourite content online and with the preference among users to merge all their connectivity infrastructure on fiber (as opposed to having a separate cable or a satellite connection), quad-play operators and mobile operators both stand to benefit from the shake-up in the video delivery market.

From the article "OTT TV and IPTV: Dual Opportunities for Operators in the Fast Growing Video Services Market" by Tara Neal.

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